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24.02.2006 08:15


21.02.2006 08:05

KAY NIELSEN --- illustrator from the teens---gorgeous stuff!

and Arthur Rackham too---stunning


19.02.2006 05:13

The Power of NO

If the United States should finally end up in the dustbin of discarded, decayed, corrupt civilizations, future historians should not wonder why. This is why: we turned our backs on what we had once stood for when we were sufficiently scared, when it seemed "expedient" to adopt the methods of those we said were our enemies, and when standing for justice, rights, and the dignity and worth of the single, lonely individual mattered the most -- and when the future of the world possibly hung in the balance. And almost no one in public life had the courage to say that single word and mean it, even to his last breath if that was what this uniquely important battle demanded: No.


19.02.2006 05:11

Jews- the 2% Solution

... The end of this exchange left us, the Jewish delegation, in shock. Speaker Bosma, defending the prayer issue, asked, ?How many Jews are there in Indiana? About 2%? There are at least 80% Christians in Indiana.? The implication of this statement was that our minority community doesn?t and shouldn?t have any say or any voice. It is about the majority and what the majority wants. The jaws of the delegation dropped to the floor. We were speechless. Everything we believed about this country had just been trampled. Gone was the belief of the constitutional protection of minorities. Gone was not feeling marginalized. Gone was the belief we were not strangers in this country. ...


18.02.2006 20:27

in 72 or 3


18.02.2006 20:24

my lumpy earth/gravity thing on askme


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